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只要註冊會員,就會獲得100元購物金喔! 趕快註冊!


只要註冊會員,就會獲得100元購物金喔! 趕快註冊!


在台灣這片土地上,有一個名字雖不經常被提及,但其作品卻無時無刻不在陪伴著大家 — 祥業工業


In this passionate land of Taiwan, there is a name that is not often mentioned, but its works are always with us - ShiangYe.


Since 1978, this name has been like a warm wind, quietly blowing through every corner of Kaohsiung, carrying the sweat, emotions, and dreams of the masters, silently taking root and growing. For forty-five years, ShiangYe has witnessed countless changes, but has always adhered to a original intention - to manufacture chairs that can make people feel comfortable and stable. This is not just a process of making chairs, but a pursuit of life aesthetics and craftsmanship. In the dictionary of ShiangYe, every chair is not just a product, but a story, a transmission of emotions.


You may have inadvertently sat on our chairs, in the rush of waiting at the station, or while quietly reading in the library, or even while waiting for a loved one in the hospital. ShiangYe is like the most familiar stranger in the city, silently by your side, providing you with a brief resting place.
Every process, the making of every part, contains the craftsmen's respect and love for their craft. For them, this is not just a duty, but a reverence for time and a ritual of life. In ShiangYe, every detail is a deep emotional exchange with this land, and each polishing is like a hymn to life.


As time changes, ShiangYe is also constantly exploring and innovating, perfectly combining practicality and aesthetics. The acquisition of international awards such as the German Red Dot, iF Design, American IDEA, European Product Design Award, and Taiwan Excellence Design is not only a recognition of our innovative ability and excellent quality, but also an affirmation of our persistence.


Today's ShiangYe still adheres to that simple philosophy, believing that the real quality is not in the complicated design, but in the care for every detail. Our chairs, every joint, every line, have been repeatedly deliberated and corrected. Our goal is not to pursue popularity, but to create classics that stand the test of time.


From the auditorium of the school to the balcony of the home, from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquility of life, every chair of ShiangYe is silently witnessing every moment of change in Taiwan. We provide a place of rest for every person on this land, and also carry countless memories and emotions.


For forty-five years, we have been breathing and growing with this land. We are not just a factory that manufactures chairs, but also a carrier of memories and stories. ShiangYe, with our persistence and craftsmanship, creates beauty for your life and adds a rich color to Taiwan's craft culture.

In the future, we will continue to inherit craftsmanship with our hearts and create more simple and beautiful life experiences. Because we believe that every moment of sitting down should be a beautiful experience. Thank you for your constant support. Let us look forward to the beautiful journey of ShiangYe in the future.